Yanni who is he dating

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They claim that SIRIUS is planning on bringing out a portable unit as early as this summer. He was also reading that they're going to be offering music downloads for their portable units.

The market analysts are saying that SIRIUS is listed as ''out perform'' because of that.

Howard and Robin picked story number 3 as the fake one. They had a picture of Carmen Electra riding the Sybian on the front page of the site.

Howard wrapped up with mike and went to commercial break after that. Doug said it would take a while to set that up but it could be done.

Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky — try to take over the world!Ralph called in a short time later and told Howard that he could have gotten Heather Locklear years ago but he backed out of doing that because he didn't want to hurt his friend Richie Sambora.Howard said he has a code and he would never screw with his friends like that.Doug was saying that they know of another web site out there that has the PDT (SIRIUS scroll) running on their web site.They're looking into doing that with Howard's web site as well.

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