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If this happened to you, try and remember the times when you lost your hold on your integrity.

What is actually more likely is that you have been, or are still, battling the narcissist constantly with declarations of your integrity, and being incensed and devastated when the narcissist has tried to line up examples of “how bad your integrity is” when trying to offset his or her own conscienceless behaviour.

What this question means is, are you capable of purposefully lying, deceiving and doing things that you know are malicious, lack integrity and harm other people?

Do you seek to help others not from a position of wanting to feed your ego, but because you truly would love to make a difference?After spending time learning about narcissism and identifying narcissistic traits in people (especially in your ex or current partner) you might all of a sudden stop and go …This can be a shocking and horrifying, especially if you start to believe what your mind is telling you, listening to the stories of when you have lacked integrity, been controlling, or even been manipulative.This could include a wide range of activities like charity, volunteering or simply helping friends or people in the community in need, or sitting with your child and truly emphatically listening with your focus being on your son or daughter without making it about yourself.Are you capable of telling people whatever you think they want to hear, just so you can get what you want out of them?

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