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Some of the main recommendations that are present in The Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Amendment Bill 2005 are:- # Permits soliciting by sex workers.

# Punishment to human traffickers enhanced to 10 years' imprisonment and Rs.1 lakh fine.

The earliest known record of prostitution appears in ancient Mesopotamia.

There even is the possibility that the sex trade will then move underground, which may prove detrimental to the AIDS-control programme in India.

We should keep in mind the warning of UN that is clear from the statement:- One out of every four people infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) in the world last year was Asian.

the definition of "trafficking in persons" has been proposed to include "recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt by persons" as punishable.

The earlier prevalent Section in both SITA and ITPA provided punishment for brothel keeping, pimping, detaining anyone in a brothel, use of premises and procurement, but with the inclusion of the above words, the Act can be used to criminalize receipt and transfer by a client.

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Again, there was another restriction in it that the client could not be punished in the act itself if the girl was an adult.