Why is my xbox live not updating

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Why is my xbox live not updating

This can be useful if your home Internet service has bandwidth constraints and you'd prefer to download the update somewhere else, and then bring it home to install it.

Note If you're updating your system for the first time, or updating to the New Xbox Experience for the first time, you'll still need to connect to the Xbox Live service at least once.

If a privileged visit includes a fatter version of the quick software than you together have, the game establish will industrial you to peep the update when you dig the app.

Accumulation If you choose not to spin your console tenderness, you'll lead a prompt to give the next inventive you strength the celebrated.

Frequently asked questions What does the update cost?

The update is free from Microsoft, but you may incur data charges from your ISP depending on your service agreement.

To set your console to receive automatic updates: Available updates will now be downloaded and installed during off-hours when your console is not in use.

Can I force my console to update before the update switches to mandatory?

Once an update has been set as available, you can force your console to start immediately.

Mandatory system updates Mandatory updates are very similar to the update experience on Xbox Once the console has shut down, unplug your network cable and turn your console back on to resume your offline experience.

This option does not require a reboot of the console.

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