Who is serena vanderwoodsen dating K 9 dating

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-William 'Tripp' Van Der Bilt III is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl TV series.

Tripp sets out to start an affair with Serena when he discovers that Maureen created the drowning incident that would win him the election.When the two fixed their friendship, Serena returns to Tripp's office and Tripp persuades her to stay.Blair sees the tension between Serena and Tripp and leaves.Moments after Nate's speech, the media announces that Tripp won the election and Tripp happily embraces his wife. Serena seeks out to find work and takes a job as an aide for Tripp and is hired on the spot.While working for him, Trip confesses that he has developed feelings for her and she leaves Tripp's office to continue hosting the Cotillion.

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