Who is sam dating in true blood

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Who is sam dating in true blood

* Jason and Brigett get married (I assume) and start a family of their own. She may be a fang-banging fairy princess, but Sookie Stackhouse is still a woman of traditional values.) So… * Sam and Nicole come home for Thanksgiving, alive and well. And while she was disappointed by the lack of romance, she couldn’t exactly deny Bill his dying wish.

When Sarah referred to herself as a potential Tara replacement, I honestly thought Pam was going to rip her throat out; instead, she offered up killer line: “I wouldn’t let you go down on me for a billion dollars.” (Cue the slow clap.) WEDDING BELL BLUES | With more than a little help from Papa Bill, Hoyt asked Jessica to marry him.HAPPILY EVER AFTERS | Viewers were treated to an epic flash-forward at the end of the hour, revealing how our favorite characters — and Sam’s baby mama — ended up. Here goes: * Eric and Pam become billionaires off of New Blood. (Update: Despite the uncertainty of a wedding ring, I’m sticking with my Sookie-is-married statement, unless proven otherwise, because of her pregnancy. Jessica asks Bill to release her, and he obliges then stumbles off into the night.Sookie and Jessica drive to Sam’s, but find his trailer empty save for two letters. Sookie and Jessica drive to Bellefleur’s to give Andy Sam’s letter of resignation.

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The two wiggle their eyebrows at each other in what I can only assume is masculine vampire code for “goodbye.” Jason arrives at the Fortenberrys’, where Hoyt promptly decks him in the eye.