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And to make matters more interesting current Miss Moneypenny, Harris, has backed him for the role.

The actress had her first big break co-starring with Murphy in Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later.

He played the Scarecrow in The Dark Knight trilogy and also starred in Inception and Dunkirk.

However Murphy would have hot competition from Hardy, another regular Nolan collaborator who remains the favourite.

Naomie Harris is a British actress best known for her Oscar-nominated role in Moonlight (2016) and performances in 28 Days Later (2002), After the Sunset (2004), the Pirates of the Caribbean film series and Skyfall (2012).

Actress Naomie Melanie Harris was born on September 6, 1976, in London, England, and raised by single mother Lisselle Kayla, a Jamaican immigrant.

We are on the edge of a mountain, driving up the hill very fast, or whatever you are doing. It was me acting against tennis balls with numbers. But then you just have to throw yourself into it, and go, ‘Right, I am a kid.’ Which is brilliant, because Dwayne is the master of it.

Peter is control and demands his quickness back from Tony and Jason.

I just loved that it was a fun, light-hearted adventure movie, which was totally different from anything I had done in quite a while. But what I loved about the character was that she had a strong backstory. She’s not a damsel in distress that gets dragged along. Because she has something that Dwayne’s character needs. But when I am actually watching a movie I love the light hearted stuff. I have never know anyone to be so in tune with what his fans want. You really see how important his fans are when he comes off set after 15 hours and he is always ready to sign photos and pose.

Certainly “Moonlight,” which was the thing I had done before. I loved that she wasn’t just the token female.[Laughs] I love those films! When I am on a 10 hour plane journey I am always going to pick a film like "Rampage."I think that they don’t understand just how hard these films are to do.

The 50-year-old incumbent has one more James Bond movie to go, set for release in November 2019. While Tom Hardy and James Norton are the frontrunners, one star who has seen his odds slashed recently is Peaky Blinders’ Murphy.

Just two months ago he was 125/1 to be the next 007, but is now at an impressive 10/1.

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