Who is jiro wang dating

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Who is jiro wang dating

Jiro Wang posted a photo with Japanese model, singer and actress Lena Fujii on weibo captioned, "Today...

finally not April Fool's Day," and the warm regards come pouring in to congratulate the actor and the new lady in his life.

Fans and friends had since congratulated the couple, with fellow Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen saying that the members will wait for his wedding so that they can become his groomsmen.Parece que el correo electrónico que tenemos en tu cuenta no es válido. There is a new celebrity couple and it's an international one!Taiwanese group Fahrenheit's hot singer-actor Jiro Wang (Fabulous Boys, Singles Villa) has apparently confirmed that he is dating, but fans were at first confused by his cryptic Weibo post. Jiro posted to Weibo, on January 16, his photo with Japanese singer-model Lena Fujii, and said: "Today... "Then on January 17, Jiro appeared at a media event and responded to reporters' questioning with a simple "Thank you."Through his agent, he has asked for "space" from the media. It turns out that it may have taken Jiro Wang a whopping 9 years to pursue his love.To pay off the enormous debt, Wang worked three jobs at a time, which variously included flyer distribution, dressing up as a mascot for Taipei's Zoo Mall, waiting tables at a bar, a fashion retail assistant, a part-time model, and even hard labor work as a construction worker.Upon graduation from arts college, he entered the commercial and modeling industry.

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Accepting an interview recently, Aaron recalled his days in Fahrenheit like a “vase” standing alongside to Wu Chun who was considered the most outstanding in looks and popularity.

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