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Plant received no songwriting credits on the band's first album, allegedly because he was still under contract to CBS Records at the time.

Initially dubbed the "New Yardbirds" in 1968, the band soon came to be known as Led Zeppelin.

That was all the ambience I got at ten years old... And I always wanted to be a curtain, a bit similar to that.This created legal trouble for the band over whether or not they plagiarized these songs.During Led Zeppelin III, which was released in 1970, Page and Plant's relationship began to grow stronger.Plant: I was appearing at this college when Peter and Jimmy turned up and asked me if I'd like to join the Yardbirds.I knew the Yardbirds had done a lot of work in America – which to me meant audiences who would want to know what I might have to offer – so naturally I was very interested.

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He also worked at Woolworth's in Halesowen town for a short period of time.

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