Who is jeff dunham dating now

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Who is jeff dunham dating now

Apparently, Paige registered several domain names under Audrey Dunham (even before Audrey had taken Jeff’s name in marriage).

Audrey, who obviously wanted the right to her marital name and had filed for trademark registration, ended up suing page for cyberpiracy, unfair competition and for damages of 0,000 per domain name.

Paige turned homemaker to look after the girls, and soon started focusing her business skills on her husband; she has been in fact, credited with being the major driving thrust behind Jeff’s success.

She not only helped with his scripts and show ideas, but also supervised his brand merchandise and expanded his many business and philanthropic interests, including setting up the Jeff and Paige Dunham Foundation to help people in need But his success and accompanying travel requirements turned up the first cracks in their marriage.

She showed equal haste in getting hitched; in 1994, Paige found herself married to Jeff after being engaged to him for just one year.

All was hunky-dory in their marital life and Jeff even adopted Bree.

A woman of many talents, Dunham is well-known for challenging the industry status quo with her unabashed feminism and outspoken personality.

Not much is known about Lena Dunham’s boyfriends before Antonoff, but it looks like she has met the love of her life and is ready to settle down.Whilst Paige and Jeff spent more and more time apart, Jeff and Audrey had room to grow closer.Plus, Audrey is significantly younger than Paige and Jeff, very attractive and successful in her own right.They obviously swept each other off their feet as they dated for a mere three months before getting engaged.It’s interesting to note that Paige, a smart businesswoman in her own right and a single mother of a baby girl, Bree, agreed to an engagement after such a short period of knowing one another despite an earlier unsuccessful relationship with her daughter’s father.

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