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Who is dating on big bang theory

[But by the time the BB was proposed in 1931, expansion was widely believed (see below).] So Einstein invented the cosmological constant as a term in his General Relativity theory that allowed for a static universe. The "success" of the big bang lies in its ability to simply conform to whatever the latest data or cosmological fad requires.] In 1929, Edwin Hubble announced that his observations of galaxies outside our own Milky Way showed that they were systematically moving away...

[Statements like this reinforce the widely held falsehood that Hubble discovered expansion.

So consider this concise, corrected chronology of discovery: - 1912 Vesto Slipher: The radial velocity of the Andromeda Nebula.

- 1915 Slipher: "the average velocity of the spirals is about 25 times the average stellar velocity." - 1917 Willem de Sitter: "The lines in the spectra of very distant stars or nebulae must therefore be systematically displaced towards the red, giving rise to a spurious positive radial velocity" [earliest redshift cosmological hypothesis].

Consider also from Ostriker & Milton, for Lemaître in "Belgium in 1925...

[equation #] 24, and from the English text [and that this] suggests that this exclusion by the translator was deliberate..." However, that shocking and historic omission primarily benefitted Hubble and it was only one year earlier that Hubble himself was insisting that he be given full credit (regardless of the truth) for this discovery.We do not know the radius of space to-day, but I should estimate that it is not less than ten times the original radius.[square-bracket comments and emphasis added] single atom] had not yet been proposed.Expansion was not a "prediction" of the 1931 big bang theory; it was a 1920s interpretation of both Einstein's equations and red-shift data.The Corrected History of the Discovery of Expansion: On the entire Internet, the following is the most concise and reasonably comprehensive chronology of the discovery of the (apparent) expansion of the universe.

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