Which 2 american idol contestants are dating

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My hope is that the success of this first season will encourage them to stretch the season out at least a little bit.

, American idol winner trent harmon will embark on a country musiccareer as an artist on 19big machine records billboard has unlike recent seasons when the runnerup has not necessarily been offered a labeldeallaporsharenaewill also be joining the universal music group family signing with 19big machinemotown records in partnership with big machine.american idol all our coveragebecause of the overwhelming fan demand and success of the farewell season of american idol we have made the decision to sign both the winner trent harmon and runnerup laporsha renae to exclusive recording agreements big machine label group founder and ceo scott borchetta tells billboard.

Finally, he got the deets and quickly motioned Caleb through, followed by Maddie, Cade, Gabby and a very shocked Michael.

Honestly, I thought Michael had a bad night, but before this he was one of the strongest and most versatile performers we had, so I can't be too mad about this.

Of course, they're surely enjoying their superstar judges, and particularly the headline-making antics of Katy Perry. Nick Jonas told her to dig deeper and tell the story. She sold the message of the song, and like Carrie Underwood before her, Middle America is absolutely going to embrace her country music career when this show ends.

This week, she continued her one-sided love affair with Cade Foehner -- one she shares with her mother, apparently -- awkwardly gushing over him while she fanned herself, rather than offering critique. Well apparently, there is no need to pull out the calculator, because I had Catie Turner and Michael J. That said, both of them have strong followings at home, so it's doubtful America is going to echo what I saw.

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