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Indeed, the “Talking Angela” app is no different from other similar popular children’s apps from reputable i OS developer Out Yes, Talking Angela can engage in chat with users and upload photos taken through the app to social media, but none of the information revealed in that process in shared with anyone, and the latter occurs only with the user’s permission: We wish to emphasise that no personal data whatsoever is being collected from the users of our app Talking Angela, which is available as an i OS, Android and Facebook app.

The description clearly informs the user that one of the core functionalities of the app is chat, which requires two-way communication, where Angela (a chat bot, not a real person) answers with text and voice in English and talks to the user about a variety of subjects.

) to see animated responses, and make birds fly onto the screen — don’t worry, she doesn’t eat them. The point: children aren’t meant to be using Talking Angela’s text-chat feature, yet the app’s developer hasn’t taken any meaningful measures to prevent them from simply toggling the child mode off.

There is also a camera feature, which has been referenced in some of the Facebook messages about Talking Angela. There’s not even the “swipe down with two fingers” or “write this sequence of numbers as figures” parental gate that’s become common in children’s apps in recent months.

This is important, because the feature at the centre of the scary Facebook messages — Angela’s ability to text-chat with users — is turned off when Child Mode is toggled on.

What happens if you turn child mode off — as any child can relatively easily — and start chatting to Angela using the text box at the bottom of the screen? My friend typed to him I know you are a hacker and the person said I like complements.When you type the chocolate thing or cookie this I don’t really know what it is it wants your picture so the guy can see what you look like.We’ve spent a good deal of time testing the Talking Angela app, and it has shown no sign of being anything other than what it is supposed to be.Likewise, Sophos’ Naked Security site also found warnings that the Talking Angela app is prompting children to behave in ways that raise privacy concerns to br unfounded: “Talking Angela” is just another entry in a series of similar harmless apps for kids created by the same developer: The truth is that “Talking Angela” appears to be entirely benign, and there are no obvious privacy concerns that differentiate it from thousands of other i Phone apps.

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The data collected by the app from the user is not shared with anyone and is actually sent to only in the form of an anonymized data log (no names, no numbers, no personal data).

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