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Violin saddle style dating

Now that you have all your measurements, it is time to start the rib assembly or rib garland.But first, you will need to make the mold with which the ribs are shaped.

In either case, for the rear and front section of the scroll use a piece of tracing paper to do a rubbing much the same way as you did the f's.If you want to make a violin (or viola for that matter), the first thing you will need is to find one to copy.Instead of copying a cheap factory violin, I recommend reproducing a violin done by the one of the great, old Italian master makers such as Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737) or Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu (1698-1744) or any of the myriad makers working in northern Italy through the golden period of violin making (in my opinion, approximately 1560 through 1800).You will need to measure the width of the neck at the join of the body and at the nut where the strings travel over to enter the peg box.Next measure the height of the ribs at the neck, the C's and the saddle.

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