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Vietnamese immigrants not asian dating

Another important part of the explanation for changing birth patterns is that minority populations are younger than whites, so are more likely to be having and raising children.There are notable differences by race and ethnic group in median age, the age at which half a group is younger and half older. Non-Hispanic whites have the oldest median age, 42.3, in 2011, according to the population estimates. Non-Hispanic blacks (32.9) and non-Hispanic Asians (35.9) also are younger than whites.Among other major non-Hispanic groups, the share for whites is 49.6%; for blacks, 13.7%; and for Asians 4.4%.

For non-Hispanic whites and for non-Hispanic Asians, it is 1.8.

For non-Hispanic blacks and Asians, the share is 22%.

The changing profile of the nation’s youngest residents also stems from the fact that some groups, especially Hispanics, have higher numbers of children than do non-Hispanic whites. as a whole, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of American Community Survey data, the number is 2.0.

Although the Census Bureau report does not provide data on demographic characteristics of mothers, a Pew Research Center report based on other data shows that there are marked differences in age, education and marital status among mothers of different racial and ethnic groups.

Among black and Hispanic mothers, births peak among women in their early 20s.

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