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20 million dollars would have produced a product light-years better than discord, something fishy is going on.

For those that are used to the way Slack (a similar chat client) works, Discord will be familiar in its use, which lowers the learning curve quite a bit for those that have switched or tried Slack before. Premium account is just a way to say "thank you" to developers.

I think, at least what I would do, would be to look at VLC to see if it has the options you need.

-Chad Sorry for not getting back sooner, I just saw this thread in a "My Posts" search.

The process of generating and/or acquiring certificates can be time-consuming and a bit more complex than setting up a username/password authentication that's found in other clients.

No community or server owner could be flexible in this system.

If you're using Windows Vista or XP, Discord will not work on your system.

It's a shame they can't make it available on a wider variety of browsers and OS's.

Discord focuses on streamers and not the communities, many implementations over the last year have been geared towards streamers and future updates they promise continue to be geared towards streamers.

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Push-to-talk is great because it prevents accidental sounds that can be distracting to other chatters.

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