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Supposing we sent fifty pictures per year, say to the state of Carolina or Dakota and had in return ten American pictures for the whole of Europe. There can be no question that things are horribly lop-sided now. The working arrangement is that Ufa (Ufa alone, remember) shall take fifty American pictures per year for Germany (this is by no means all) in return for ten German pictures for the whole of America.For the sake of our beliefs, we can only hope that it remains so. This is written by one of the hired hands in a Hollywood movie factory.Commonly such a factory is known as a studio, and its out- put is labeled art. Bed and Sofa is valuable for its uncompromising treatment of life as life is, as well as for its distinguished and beautiful settings and lighting effects. Her personality is insidious and yet completely assertive. His part in the domestic drama is curiously potent as a completely cynical, selfish 3'oung man, who does not hesitate for one moment to take on the wife of. This film has been tagged "Morals in modern Russia". Robert Rubin, on behalf of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Loew concerns ; Richard Rowland, head of First Nation- al ; Robert H. (Photographs by courtesy of EM ELK A ) Ludmila Semenowa as Vera, the young wife. x\t the first meeting were Adolph Zukor and Jesse Lasky, the president and vice-president of Paramount-Famous- Lasky ; William Fox and W. Sheehan, president and gener- al manager of the Fox Film Corporation ; Nicholas Schenck and J.A commonwealth principle would be another solution, but that would be still more difficult to arrange. Last month you were promised an article explaining the process of making films in Hollywood. After a long experience in Hollywood there would be nothing else to say !

At this moment the situation stands roughly thus : — American predominance throughout the world. But not infrequently gives the intellectual integrity of Northern races to its films, as it gives to the screen its Garbo and its Henning. Hayes) but "to expand, streng- then and solidify the powers and activities of the present rather loosely organised association." 7 CLOSE UP Of course, what happened was that on the crest of a kind of gigantic inflation, salaries were demanded and given that were and are out of all proportion to corresponding returns, outlay out of all proportion to income.

Prac- tically all the different industries are halt or lame, for the simple reason, as I said last month, that Europe divided against itself cannot stand.

It will also be the primary concern of most other countries too.

France going ahead slowly but surely, rising at its commer- cial highest to the German forms of the year before last and the year before that, and sinking at its lowest to sterility. Meanwhile the undisputable fact faced them that 1926 had been financially the most unsuccessful on record, and that 1927 had seen no improvement.

Definitely forming links with certain sections of Germany. Rivalries and personal jealousies had to a large extent been the cause, hence it became plain to somewhat impoverished magnates that rivalries and per- sonal jealousies must be scrapped, and there must be co-ordi- nation. Therefore an immediate reduction of ten per cent was decided on all round. Protest meetings became the order of the day, and the magnates were forced to rescind their decision.


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