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Updating wiki

expand=" expand #body.storage else: suffix = "" url="https://confluence.corporation.com/rest/api/content/" page_id suffix response = requests.get(url, auth=(user, password)) response.encoding = "utf8" return json.loads(response.text) print(get_page_json("287346883", "body.storage"))def set_page_json(page_id,json_content): headers = response = requests.put("https://confluence.corporation.com/rest/api/content/" page_id, headers=headers, data=json.dumps(json_content), auth=(user, password)) return(response.text)json_data = functions_confluence.get_page_json("277387103") new_json_data = dict() new_json_data['id'] = json_data['id'] new_json_data['type'] = json_data['type'] new_json_data['title'] = json_data['title'] new_json_data['type'] = json_data['type'] new_json_data['version'] = if not 'key' in json_data: new_json_data['key'] = json_data['space']['key'] else: new_json_data['key'] = json_data['key'] new_json_data['body'] = It’s simple!Unfortunately, it’s not possible to send a picture in base64 this way =( What if I attach a file to a page and use a link to it in code? I’m uploading the file using this function: def attach_file_to_page(page_id, filepath, filename): headers = files = #delete attach with the same name response = requests.get("https://confluence.corporation.com/rest/api/content/" page_id "/child/attachment", auth=(user, password)) for attachment in json.loads(response.text)['results']: if attachment['title'] == filename: requests.delete("https://confluence.corporation.com/rest/api/content/" attachment['id'], headers=headers, auth=(user, password)) #attack files response = requests.post("https://confluence.corporation.com/rest/api/content/" page_id "/child/attachment", headers=headers, files=files, auth=(user, password)) return(response.text) Note that before you upload a file, you need to verify that the file with such name is not attached already or you will get an error.So I check all the attached files and delete files with the specified name.

Before making a decision regarding editing your own, or your brand’s wiki page, consider the risk of getting called out for editing your own Wikipedia page.

If you're using RVM or another Ruby version manager, and switched to another Ruby version during the update, you can drop the old Ruby version.

“You are discouraged from writing articles about yourself or organizations (including their campaigns, clients, products and services) in which you hold a vested interest.

Since there are a couple of major changes in upgrading to 0.6 which involve manual action, we provide a step by step guide.

Please ensure to update to diaspora* 0.5 prior these steps.

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