Updating wardrobe

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Updating wardrobe

You'll be able to find so much good stuff, the only challenge will be deciding what you love most.I love a good surprise, and one of the best surprises you can get while shopping is a good deal on a piece that you love.

You never know what will spark your interest, and you may end up surprising yourself and falling in love with something totally unexpected.When the paint dries sufficiently, flip the doors and shelves and paint the other sides.Allow to dry, following the directions on the paint can.Head for the El Born district, where you're sure to find something you will love amongst all the fashion boutiques.At lunchtime move to the more bohemian El Raval neighbourhood for tapas, as well as a selection of second-hand clothes stores to find some unique outfits.

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When fall finally settles in, a few things usually arrive with it: color-changing leaves, pumpkin everything, and a desire to revamp our wardrobes. In fact, it can surprise you with how fun and doable it actually is.

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