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Updating technology

Vehicles may not be driven if software is not updated properly.

Once they stop driving, you cannot fix them easily.

The idea was to first protect security on an end-to-end basis between the OTA Center and the gateway and, based on this arrangement, provide multi-layered protection to enhance vehicle security.With regards to security that matters in terms of the reliability of vehicles, we listed all possible threats to security in the entire scheme from the OTA Center to ECUs.Attackers may target whatever possible and in any possible way to cause harm.However, users would feel it inconvenienet if they have to bring their vehicles to dealers each time they have the software updated to maintain and improve its quality. When vehicles are connected to networks, specific vehicles can be identified and accessed even from a remote location. If vehicles are cyberattacked to show abnormal operations, human lives are at stake.On the other hand, if they do not want to bother themselves to bring their vehicles to the dealers and the software is not updated, that may put the vehicle in danger. In 2015, news that some vehicles produced by a certain automobile manufacturer were hacked became a topic.

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This is due to such factors as development of ADAS, represented by automatic braking, and the introduction of autonomous driving technologies.