Updating sony blue ray firmware Free chat no registation

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Updating sony blue ray firmware

There are a few things to think about when updating your firmware manually.

I’m not sure if this is because of a recent Windows update, but I wanted to include it here, just to be complete.On the back of the device there is normally a small port labeled “Recovery.” With the TV box powered down, find a long, thin, non-metal object.You want to make sure the pin or toothpick you use is non-conductive, just in case you touch an exposed wire or any other sensitive piece of hardware.Nothing should appear underneath the “Device” or “Status” headings.If your device happen to appear, that’s a good thing, and it means you can skip the next few steps. There’s almost no reason why it should show up at this point, since your TV box is powered down. As I mentioned before, your TV box was only powered-up to make sure that the drivers installed correctly, but it needs to be in Recovery Mode for this next part to work.

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The upgrade process kept failing because the drivers never installed.

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