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However, there are some other directories on the same NFS server that should be auto-mounted by my clients too through the Solaris YP auto.direct map. My NIS/yp network has been using passwd.* and group.* maps for a long time.It works on Sun clients but not on the Redhad clients. thanks, Philip I'm using NIS under Su SE linux to publish services on the LAN. Apparently, the NIS lookup is doing some unsollicited byte order swap (htons). if port is 12AB and the services list do not include 12AB, it may return the service name for port AB12 instead of an error. Recently (the expected "but nothing has changed" really applies), I've noticed a flurry of entries to /var/log/messages on the ypslave telling me that ypprog_match refuses connections from various systems on my network: Apr 23 ypslave ypserv[19183]: refused connect from a.client:856 to procedure ypproc_match Further investigation (running ypserv in debug mode) suggests that the NIS hosts are furiously requesting data from the hosts.* map. hosts.domain.org: Callback timed out This is odd because the other names are updated correctly. Is there anything else I can elaborate upon to help you suggest pointers? -Michal I've tried several times to get NIS to allow me to update passwords from any of my machines and I still haven't gotten it to work.If I manually run yppush for each slave it works [[email protected] yp]# yppush -d psc -h slave1 -v hosts.byaddr slave1 has been called.

On Oct 26, 2010, at , Oleg Igor wrote: Math:: PI and For the same reason why inner-classes/modules use double colon, because = they're constants and that's how you look up via constant namespace.

In response, I am told: gmake[1]: Entering directory `/var/yp/my.domain.org' Updating passwd.byname... On a client machine (running ypbind), I can run yppasswd and update a password.

This correctly changes the password on the server and runs the Makefile in /var/yp to re-build the database. I've tried running yppasswd to update passwords both with and without yppasswdd running and with and without ypbind running.

slave1 : RPC: Unknown host slave2 : RPC: Unknown host slave3 : RPC: Unknown host slave4 : RPC: Unknown host slave5 : RPC: Unknown host slave6 : RPC: Unknown host gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/var/yp/psc' It seems to work to slave7.

/var/yp/ypservers nismaster slave1 slave2 slave3 slave4 slave5 slave6 slave7 All of these hostname can be pinged from the nismaster and they are all in the hosts nismaps and /etc/hosts on the nismaster.

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