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Updating date in sql

Even if the main window is minimized you can still see if a statement is running by looking at the window title.

You can also run stored procedures that return result sets. For DBMS's that support multiple result sets from a single stored procedure (e.g.

This can be changed in the options dialog, that is accessible from will display the online manual for the current DBMS (if there is one).

Where possible the link will display the manual that corresponds to the version of the current connection.

When executing a statement the contents of the editor is put into an internal buffer together with the information about the text selection and the cursor position.

Even when you select a part of the current text and execute that statement, the whole text is stored in the history buffer together with the selection information.

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If you want to run two statements at the same time, you will need to enable the Separate connection per tab option in your connection profile.