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Updating blackberry

A new entity called Blackberry Mobile, within the Chinese giant TCL, now designs and markets business-flavoured Black Berry-branded phones, such as the recently launched Motion."We have got a very hardcore base in the regulated industries, it's a very demanding group. We're very committed to BB10," COO Marty Beard said a year ago.But despite not containing any shiny new features – the delated software update does contain a number of irritating bugs.

The last time BB10 was updated with new software features was February 2015.A few seconds later your Priv will restart and the installation will begin.It's a good idea to plug your Priv into the charger while the update is installed.Black Berry launched into the Android world in 2015 with the Priv, a phone to satisfy those who need to be super-secure.At that time, the company promised that it would update the phone for two years, though it was pretty confident in its ability to lock down insecure parts of the operating system.

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Black Berry stock has declined by some 10 per cent over the last three months.

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