Tyra banks dating drake

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Tyra banks dating drake

"Thanks to my coworker & I Drake and Tyra got hooked up with Yogurtland tonight! I told Tyra she was pretty & she said thanks & my co worker told drake he was cute & he didn't say anything just turned his head," an unidentified Yogurtland employee wrote via Twitter. The split shocked many fans, particularly because Banks had spoken about the prospect of marrying Utendahl just months prior to the sudden split. We do want to have kids but we don't talk about marriage necessarily ...

AUBREY,” she says, clapping on every syllable.“What do you wanna do?

We soon learn that that is not the case, however, as Tyra checks out Drake’s texts while he uses the Cheesecake Factory’s bathroom. ” Tyra replies, and then smashes Drake’s cheesecake into his face, topping it off with some wine.

It looks like he was texting another woman, and Tyra is in the warpath.“She called you Aubrey,” she says, her voice increasing in volume. When Tyra leaves, he’s left to bemoan his relationship to the rest of the Cheesecake patrons, face still dripping.

Here are 15 women who may or may not have dated Drizzy.

Unless you've been living under a rock, we all recently went crazy over a photo of Miss J.

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