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The other one (the one with the toe rings) put her left leg across her right lap to lean on her knee and her foot was pointed straight at me. She took cream from her bag, squirted some in her hand and then proceeded to rub her soles and all over the top and ankle.

I had tears of frustration in my eyes by now as she absents mindedly rubbed the cream all over her foot while chatting with her friend.

There were around two dozen online and free at that point so I chose one from the list and entered her free cam chat area.

After a few pleasantries, I told her I was looking for her to wear cut-off shorts, a tight white t-shirt and some beige sandals, exactly like the hottie I had seen earlier, and that I wanted her to sit and rub cream on her feet and tickle her toes.

Every guy at some level or another has a desire and a lust for the female foot.

I myself am one such person and I have it pretty strong.

I was practically drooling as I looked on and my cock was bursting.

I could feel the pre-cum oozing from the end and I was paranoid about the huge wet patch I would no doubt have.

She left it dangling on the edge of her toes and shook it gently as she sipped her coffee.

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They both had perfectly manicured , painted and primed, and flawlessly smooth skin.

One had on a thin gold ankle bracelet and the other had adorned her toes with toe rings. I groaned slightly inside as they crossed their legs and chatted, oblivious to the fact they were rendering the guy two tables over speechless and making him lost in his own world of euphoria.

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