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Taurus man dating aries woman

He drove me crazy with his stubborn attitude, but little did I know, he loves my personality... its confusing because he had a girlfriend and flirted with me.... but he tells me repeatedly that we could never be together because I flirt too much. he's def one of those guys who does the long term thing but he hooks up so much and expects you to be okay with it.

maybe im just not one of those people who can jus hook up. He is a nice guy but I could not see myself marrying him.

It kind of hurt, but I've found someone new and got over it.

I am an Aries women and loved my ex Taurus boyfriend to bits. unfortunately he took me for granted, then finished it then wanted me back as soon as we got on good terms again he finished it again lol.

Get into a hair pulling, wall slamming match, and I suspect you'll find her Aries passion comes straight back.

Then eventually the drama of the relationship became too much for me and I left her.

I missed her for a while and then someone new came along and I had a great time with her and eventually married her.

I'm an Aries female and my boyfriend is a Taurus I totally love him, more than any of my boyfriends in the past. I get jealous sometimes and we get into it but we make up quickly and then tell each other how much we care about each other..kind of fun. I have been dating a female Aries for 7 months and it has been great mostly.

I think I would marry him and I didn't think that I would ever find someone I liked so much that I would marry them. I'm a Taurus who likes to feel secure and although I know she loves me, sometimes I feel she doesn't because she keeps her distance.

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