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By the age of 13, Genie was almost entirely mute, commanding a vocabulary of only about 20 words and a few short phrases (nearly all negative) such as "stop it" and "no more." is an American independent film which is based on the true story of Genie, a modern-day feral child. Susan Curtiss (whose fictitious name is Sandra Tannen), a professor of linguistics at Los Angeles.

Although the film is based on a true story, all of the names are fictitious for legal reasons. The film was released to US audiences on May 4, 2001.

See Dream Scribe for an initial implementation of such an idea.

David Beers has an excellent post on the CLI on a mobile here. Unfortunately, despite a truly great demo video, Enso was a big disappointment -- it simply didn't support what I use a computer for (I'm a programmer, but I also do writing, photo manipulation, and video editing, amongst other things).

Enso failed for me because it didn't reach into the data that I manipulate with it's CLI, making the CLI almost useless.

In summary, CLI's are better at issuing commands and dealing with database-style records or files and selection on textual-based searches; GUI's are better at direct manipulation of objects that can be represented graphically, and arbitrary but contiguous selections.

Using the two forms of UI in combination offers significant benefits: So how do we implement this?

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The problem with this scenario is pretty obvious: it is heavily keyboard relient.