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Stealth dating

In Stealth Attraction, Richard reveals all the secrets to his most potent techniques and strategies.In my humble opinion, it’s the epitome of outer game on steroids. You all know that I’m a big fan of keeping seduction simple and easy, right? There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that a beginner would benefit from this program a lot.So what exactly does our stealth mode feature entail?Essentially once stealth mode is activated, LFG members can browse other user profiles and photos without the other user ever knowing they visited.I’ve also seen countless wanna-be gurus peddling useless shit and/or rehashed material.Naturally, when I sat down to watch Stealth Attraction, I was skeptical and was expecting the same kind of bullshit I’ve seen hundreds of times before. The content I was seeing with my very own eyes was phenomenal and, for the most part, very original. You see, I already learned how to do “flash game,” and it was something I got pretty damn good at.Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to be invisible at some point or another, but unlike JP from Grandma’s Boy we all likely realize that stealth technology is still quite a ways away.

Let me start off by confessing something that might get me in some trouble…

Deactivating it is just as simple – same spot, same method, and just one easy click.

And since we’re talking LFGdating web development, we still have tons more features and user experience enhancements in the works, to include our brand new j Query-powered user photo system (nearly complete), a slick new user messaging system, and much, much more.

Learning and applying Stealth Attraction makes pickup a HELL of a lot easier no matter where you are in your game. However, it would be like giving the keys to a Lamborghini to a 16 year old with his first driver’s permit. Yeah, it would help you an ass-load if you’re a beginner, but I have to admit… I personally went through all of the difficulty of swimming through oceans of ineffective material and learning a lot of hard lessons that way. In all seriousness, though, Stealth Attraction provides a dangerously effective system for practically eliminating rejection.

Why should you skip all the hard shit when I went through it all before finding Stealth Attraction? I believe, however, that getting rejected by girls while you’re learning pickup teaches you very important lessons.

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I was most surprised with Richard’s original spin on old techniques. Flash game involves getting a girl’s attention before you approach her so that she’s primed and excited about you approaching her.

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