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Your feedback about riding OTR in truck with husband My boyfriend is considering becoming a truck driver, and we were also wanting to get married this year.We know he would have to be gone a lot, but after …I know some women are trifling and abuse or take advantage of their trucking husbands sometimes. You know if you have a supportive, trusting, understanding woman at home that treats you with respect and admire you know how tough your job is on the road everyday. (lol) So what I've said about trucker's wives is just common sense but sometimes taken for granted. Hi my name is Brandi I am 25 years old I am newly engaged to my high school sweet heart he is an on the road trucker, but I plan things for when he comes …If you have THAT woman at home show her you appreciate her and with the same understanding,trust, support and respect. Ladies if you are the wife of a truck driver please tell us what it's like to be truckers wives in your words. I am sure other wives would love to hear your voice. How do you cope with your husband being away from home. How do you keep a positive attitude during the challenges you face as the wife of a trucker? I am 21 years old and my boyfriend (high school sweetheart) is now a truck driver. To start my husband and I have a very good relationship. I Believe His Behavior Spells Out Cheating - Any Advice Due to my husband's behavior that has been building up over the past 2.5 months, I hate truckers.First a trucker now the stay at home wife of a driver I have a unique perspective because I was a driver before I was a stay at home mom with an infant. Hate living in a truck means you don't love your husband?I just got married a month ago with my 2 years online boyfriend who has been a truck driver for 7 years. Me & the kids done with being a trucker's family Yep, the final straw came when him & his team driver came to have a layover by our city & his team driver went to a truck stop to do his layover but anyhow …I support him wholeheartedly and have this entire time. I am so in love with my husband but when he is gone I am just has happy. It sucks being a trucker's wife - falling out of love, don't know what to do Being the wife of a trucker sucks!

Not only is she left with the responsibilities of the maintaining the business of the home but she has to also raise the children (of course if there are children) in a world that constantly demands an increase in effectiveness to raise those children successfully.It takes a strong, independent, understanding woman to be a trucker's wife and support her husband wholeheartedly and she should be cherished. I have nothing to worry about with other humans entering our union. First of all, what an honor to drive across our beautiful Nation, delivering goods to America, with my husband (I think he is the best …Don't ignore the stories you hear from other truckers about how their wives decided to move on. Four years experience as trucker's wife - it still gets hard at times The truckers wife of four years now . We have a 21 year old girl and a 9 year old girl and a 7 year old son who has disabilities. Newly engaged to a trucker - him being away spices things up!I met my trucker a year ago - online if you can believe it. My husband of 15 years has been driving for 3 months now and he is just not getting the miles that the company said he could possibly get. Having an affair with a trucker's girlfriend I met a very nice woman who's boyfriend is a trucker. At first I was just a friend to whom she could talk … I was distant and didn't want to talk to him, guess I was feeling …How do you deal with the stress of him being on the road? Truckers chose to escape responsibility of life and they want the secret life I have been 30 years he has been gone 30 years and future he will b gone for another 30 years.

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You know, being the wife of a trucker is tough but it's very rewarding.

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  1. If their profile says they’ve lived in Ohio their entire lives, but they’re using non-standard English, or have notably poor grammar, that could be a warning sign (think of the kinds of errors you’d see in a Nigerian scam email or on the phone, where they need to spontaneously come up with things to say. Obviously, there are plenty of non-native speakers out there who are sincerely looking for a relationship, and they could very well be from heritage speaking communities in the United State or Britain.