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Ljubicic wants the RHAPSODY to tell a story that would one day remind music lovers even the historians, of a specific period in his country’s history.

Most importantly, fully encouraged and supported by his loving but frail mother Marica, Ljubicic also develops an early love and devotion to music, an early dream to one day become a composer Consequently, at the age of sixteen, he already plays at school dances and, of course, continues to compose dances and songs, always expressing in them the spirit of Serbia’s countryside — its folklore and its people.

That same year, KNJAZEVAC Serbia’s largest publisher of sheet music, publishes a music book of 10 Savatije Ujubicic’s most recognized Serbian dances.

However, this is also the year when Savatije Ljubicic wanting to broaden his musical vision of the world moves to Los Angeles.

One of those old compositions called STARA LIPA UVELA (There Stood Once the Tree We Knew) became an “evergreen” and can still be heard in villages and towns across Serbia.

Besides, from that year on, one of his dance begins to be included in the repertoire of several dance groups of former Yugoslavia, who touring the world and performing Yugoslav folk dances, including some of his, gathered highest international acclaim.

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