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In recent years, online sex addiction or machine enhanced sexual addiction, is increasing as more people access the Internet.

Many online sex addicts share histories of pornography addiction, and escalations of sexually explicit online acting-out behaviours with like-minded others.

On occasions, acting-out behaviours escalate into personally meeting the online sex partner for sex.

Machine Enhanced Sexual Addictions, or Online Sex Addictions, are known of bearing an increased risk in speeding up the process of addicting to sexual stimuli, and influencing sexual behaviour significantly, due to a perceived and false protection ritual nicknamed 'Tripple A Engine', including; Perceived Anonymity, Availability, and Easy Access.

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Individuals use online sex for a variety of addictive, or non-addictive reasons.

Teenagers may be curious and want to explore sex safely, by avoiding a real person and possible STI infections.

Internet-sex is also called Cybersex, Computer-sex, Netsex, Mudsex, Tinysex, and colloquially cybering. More recently, therapists report increasing numbers of online sex addiction.

Our online sex addiction therapy helps those addicted to internet-sex or cybersex which is a virtual sex encounter between two or more participants, who connect via Computer, Smart-Phone, i-Pad, Tablet, or Social Media, and engage in exchanging messages with explicit sexual content, featuring sexual fantasies and virtual sexual role-play.

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Internet sex, although not involving a real-life person, presents a new form of marital infidelity.