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Frankly, Macs lacking USB 2.0 ports have hit obsolescence anyways.If webcam chat or capture is important to you, spend your money on a new Mac first.There's several other Mac webcam effects and image apps worth checking out as well, notably Mactaris' Mac webcam app utility downloadable from the Apple App Store. If your processor is a G4 or greater, if it's speed is 867mhz or faster, that's the point where Apple built-in USB 2 speed ports. In Apple System Profiler Device Tree -- USB 2.0 devices listed need to show "Speed: 480Mb/sec".Old USB 1.1 ports-devices will only show "Speed: 12Mb/sec" as thier maximum bandwidth. Modern USB 2.0 high-resolution UVC webcams utterly overwhelm USB 1.1 ports which are more than FOURTY TIMES SLOWER.Or it's the fact that you simply CANNOT BLAST 30FPS of High-Definition 720p or 1080p HD image data over a slow DSL or Cable modem connection, Period. Your expectations about webcam frame-rate may not be realistic.

Selecting which cam to use is done within the programs Video Settings...

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