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"She reads Moraga's statement that 'the danger lies in ranking the oppressions' to mean that we have no way of adjudicating among different kinds of oppressions—that any attempt to casually relate or hierarchize the varieties of oppressions people suffer constitutes an imperializing, colonizing, or totalizing gesture that renders the effort invalid…thus, although Butler at first appears to have understood the critiques of women who have been historically precluded from occupying the position of the 'subject' of feminism, it becomes clear that their voices have been merely instrumental to her" (Moya, 790) Moya contends that because Butler feels that the varieties of oppressions cannot be summarily ranked, that they cannot be ranked at all; and takes a short-cut by throwing out the idea of not only postmodernism, but women in general.

Although postmodernism resists characterization, it is possible to identify certain themes or orientations that postmodern feminists share.

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Filipino dating offer features such as messaging, webcam chat and videos to make your search for Philippine girls fun, convenient and interactive."One of the most appealing aspects of postmodernism to many feminists has been its focus on difference.The notion that women have been created and defined as 'other' by men has long been argued and explored by feminists, most notably Simone de Beauvoir.Butler criticises the distinction drawn by previous feminisms between (biological) sex and (socially constructed) gender.She asks why we assume that material things (such as the body) are not subject to processes of social construction themselves.

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Postmodern feminism's major departure from other branches of feminism is perhaps the argument that sex, or at least gender is itself constructed through language, a view notably propounded in Judith Butler's 1990 book, Gender Trouble.