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Given population loss, Pennsylvania needed to lose one seat.With Republicans in control, Democrats saw it as inevitable that they would be the ones to give up the seat.

Brady, head of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, said he, Fattah and Schwartz each reached out to allies in Harrisburg.“That’s the height of hypocrisy.” * In 2010, Republicans incensed by then-President Barack Obama hatched a grand plan rooted in the idea that all politics only start local: Win enough statehouses to control redistricting across the country, they saw, and you can remap America in your favor.In Pennsylvania, Republicans already controlled the state Senate and had Tom Corbett in the governor’s office in 2010.He has been with the Inquirer and Daily News since 2012 and covered higher education in New Jersey until 2017. Maria Donatucci, touting the map’s respect for county boundaries.They celebrated in January when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down the state’s congressional district map as gerrymandered, casting themselves as political victims finally receiving justice from the courts. But all those Democrats omitted an important detail: Each one joined with the GOP legislative majority in 2011 to pass the map that the state’s highest court would toss out as a Republican partisan gerrymander.

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For six years, they had struggled under districts carefully constructed to ensure Republicans a majority of the state’s congressional delegation in a competitive state. In all, three dozen state Democrats joined Republicans to push the map through; it would not have passed without the minority party’s backing. After all, why would Pennsylvania Democrats help give the speaker’s gavel to John Boehner and Paul Ryan?

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