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Of course these Black Christians did not really look as depicted here, their iconic images were likely created long after they were dead. Saint Richard the Pilgrim Saint Richard the Pilgrim (also St Richard of Wessex, St. Richard, his supposed wife Wuna and their three children are depicted together at St Walburga's shrine in Eichstätt.

One should also not be fooled by the Coptic (descendents of the ancient Greeks of Egypt) image of a Black Jesus, that is a rarity, hidden away in their museum. Richard is said to have obtained the recovery of his grievously sick three-year-old younger son Willibald through his prayers.

From ancient times this Feast was especially venerated by pregnant women in Russia. 651), king of Deira in Northumbria 644–51 and venerated as a martyr. roughly the territory of the former county of Yorkshire), was killed by the pagan king Cadwalla in 634, Oswin went to the kingdom of Wessex (in southern England) for safety.Apparently no sacrifice is sufficient to dissuade Whites from their natural habits: Greedily gobble up everything of value, then claim that it was they who created it - there is a lesson there somewhere. Prochorus, bishop of Nicomedia, who also was the first that departed, 11 believing together with his daughters. The people of Lucca embellished accounts of his life, describing him as a prince of the English; another unreliable story described him as the Duke of Swabia in Germany. According to legend, he and Saint Cybi were good friends, and would meet weekly near Llanerchymedd, at the Clorach wells.Saint Piran is included for comparison purposes only. Richard's niece, a nun called Hugeburc or Huneburc (Huneburc of Heidenheim), wrote an account of the pilgrimage, which Willibald had continued to the Holy Land, under the title Hodoeporicon, some time thought to be between 761 and 786. Saint Keby and Saint Seiriol Seiriol was an early 6th century saint, who created a cell at Penmon Priory on Anglesey, off the coast of north Wales. Saint Cybi would walk from Holyhead, facing the rising sun in the morning and setting sun in the evening.All of their modern icons have been converted to White. Richard renounced his royal estate and set sail with his two sons from Hamblehaven near Southampton about 721.One can't help but wonder if White Christians, who profess such love for Jesus and Christianity, appreciate the rather gross irony of their practices. They landed in France and stayed for a while in Rouen before setting off on the pilgrimage route to Italy, making devotions at most of the shrines on the way.

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The genealogies give a him both a royal line of descendants, namely as the father of Dunod Fawr, Sawyl Penuchel and Ardun Benasgell, and a saintly one, as the grandfather of Deiniol, Asaph and Tysilio.