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Moreover, we need to figure out ways to be better leaders in our communities and not stand by and watch while abuse, harassment or violence happens.

Q: What is your background and how did you come to Arkansas?

The courthouse is where citizens rely on the impartiality of judges; the zealous advocacy and competent representation of lawyers; and the solid investigation and evidence-gathering of law enforcement. A: In the past several months this has been the overarching conversation.

However, all too often, without proper education and collaborative coordinated systems in place, batterers continue to batter and victims die. Here are the needs we have been discussing: •upon which to base good sound decisions. A: Right now I am working with the National Judicial Institute on Domestic Violence and the resources provided by the National Center for State Courts.

I also serve as the point person for judges and their staff for questions regarding laws in the area of domestic violence.

I coordinate efforts between the courts and law enforcement, court services, probation and corrections, prosecutor coordinators, victim witness coordinators, and clerks’ offices throughout the state to find innovative ways of providing more effective and efficient processes to help judges make decisions in the area of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.

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