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Eventually, David had no choice but to tell Nikki Newman about Paul's investigation and the reasons why anyone would think he had killed his ex-wives.

David explained how he had met Terri Chow, his first wife, in college.

Chaney has a long criminal history dating back to childhood.

His list of charges include rape, battery, assault, lewd acts with a dependent, and forced oral copulation.

An 8-year-old Sacramento boy gave his life to save his sister from a sexual predator. Salone, 28, told authorities that she returned home to hear one of the children crying, and was subsequently beaten in the head with a hammer by Chaney when she went to check on them.

At times they also shared "dark times," where Terri was unable to get out of bed due to her taking heavy sleeping medication.All the older crowd were going and Cassie Newman just had to go too--especially since Daniel Romalotti said he would be there.She managed to talk Nicholas Newman into un-grounding her for the evening so she could "go to a movie" with her long time friend, Ali Spencer.Mina, convinced that David murdered her mother, told Paul that her stepfather convinced Angela to cut her out of the will entirely leaving David as the sole beneficiary.Paul later confronted David with this information but David denied the allegation stating that Mina was cut from the will due to her addiction to cocaine.

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READ: Local Brooklyn Rapper Saves Teenage Girl From Alleged Child Predator Chaney used a hammer on the boy, and reportedly used a knife on the little girl. He cut off his ankle bracelet and fled to an Amtrak train bound for Salt Lake City, but was arrested on an outstanding warrant in Nevada on Sept. Authorities found Chaney wrapped in a tarp and hiding in a shed. 15, Chaney was arraigned for murder, attempted murder, and performing lewd acts with a minor younger than 14.