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PGP versions have always included a way to cancel ('revoke') identity certificates.

A lost or compromised private key will require this if communication security is to be retained by that user.

Simply downloading a public key from somewhere is not an overwhelming assurance of that association; deliberate (or accidental) impersonation is possible.

From its first version, PGP has always included provisions for distributing user's public keys in an 'identity certification ', which is also constructed cryptographically so that any tampering (or accidental garble) is readily detectable.

Both when encrypting messages and when verifying signatures, it is critical that the public key used to send messages to someone or some entity actually does 'belong' to the intended recipient.A trust signature indicates both that the key belongs to its claimed owner and that the owner of the key is trustworthy to sign other keys at one level below their own.A level 0 signature is comparable to a web of trust signature since only the validity of the key is certified.The session key must be sent to the receiver so they know how to decrypt the message, but to protect it during transmission it is encrypted with the receiver's public key.Only the private key belonging to the receiver can decrypt the session key.

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From its first release, PGP products have included an internal certificate 'vetting scheme' to assist with this, a trust model which has been called a web of trust.