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for heavy duty XML processing it is second to none. SAXParse Exception; try { Document Builder Factory doc Builder Factory = Document Builder Instance(); Document Builder doc Builder = doc Builder Document Builder(); Document doc = doc Builder.parse (new File("c:\tmp\my.xml")); // normalize text representation Document Element().normalize(); println ("Root element of the doc is " Document Element()Node Name()); Node List list Of Books = Elements By Tag Name("book"); int total Books = list Of Length(); println("Total no of books : " total Books); for(int i=0; i Here is an example of processing xpath with vtd-xml... This Validator could be used to determine if when marshalled a graph of objects would produce valid XML. Error Handler Wrapper.error(Error Handler at org.apache.xerces.Since JAXB 1.0 had standard interfaces backed by vendor specific implementation classes it was easy for vendors to code generate the necessary validation logic. Xml Root Element; @Xml Root Element public class Customer In this example we will create an instance of Customer that would produce an XML document that does not conform to our XML schema. XMLError Error(XMLError at org.apache.xerces. XMLError Error(XMLError at org.apache.xerces.xs. XMLSchema Validator$XSIError Error(XMLSchema at org.apache.xerces.xs.

Alternatively there are static methods on the XMLUnit class that can be called directly.

The following test illustrates the use of a custom implementation as two pieces of XML are compared.

Using recursion it navigates through the nodes in the control XML DOM, and determines which node in the test XML DOM qualifies for comparison to the current control node.

This provides a useful mechanism to ignore validation constraints. SAXParse Exception: cvc-max Length-valid: Value 'Jane Doe' with length = '8' is not facet-valid with respect to max Length '5' for type 'string With Max Size5'. Error Handler Wrapper.create SAXParse Exception(Error Handler at org.apache.xerces.

If you re-throw the exception then parsing stops, and if you swallow the exception parsing continues.


It is an open source project hosted at that grew out of a need to test a system that generated and received custom XML messages. The advantage of this approach is that you can specify a different parser class for control and test XML and change the current parser class at any time in your tests, should you need to make assertions about the compatibility of different parsers. Document Builder Factory Impl"); Test Parser("org.apache. Document Builder Factory Impl"); SAXParser Factory("org.apache. SAXParser Factory Impl"); Transformer Factory("org.apache.xalan.processor. Transformer Factory Impl"); test will pass if the control and test XML are either similar or identical.

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