Seth was dating avett

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Seth was dating avett

It’s probably a little more complex than it’s given credit for. I just hope for everybody to come together and make room for others.

Do you think it’s been helpful for artists like Bruce Springsteen to cancel shows in the state?

We have seen fans of ours people come together and be great friends and travel together and then we realize they are politically opposites and see them getting into arguments.We’ve had a lot of experience playing in arenas so I’d be lying if it wasn’t something we could consider.And there are certainly times where we’ll be writing something and we’ll think, “Ah, man, this would be great with everyone singing along” and all that. We just try to record the best interpretations of songs we’re working on.We have seen actual true-life experiences where precisely that thing has happened.I believe, personally, that music is an opportunity for connection with providence.

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We just don’t spend a lot of time asserting our opinion on all that stuff with folks.

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