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Girls are looking and smiling at you as a foreigner and happy to chat with you as opposed to Bangkok where girls often seem stressed or even scared of Farangs.

Lady drinks are obviously a bit pricier generally around 120 Baht.

You don’t see many foreigners here, but instead some of the hottest Udon girls around.

Like all other night clubs in town they have to close at 2am so if you want to open a bottle of whiskey (like 100 Pipers for 690 Baht, Red Label for 1,700 Baht, Draught Leo Pitcher for 280 Baht) and get a decent table it’s worth coming as early as 11pm.

The bars close at 1am and many of the girls who haven’t found company are heading to the night clubs after (see below).

This is a huge building packed with about two dozen of beer bars.

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Nutty Park is the second girl bar hub in town, located near the night market on Prajak Sillapakom Road.

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