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Sheckler's father provided encouragement by revealing that he had learned his first kickflip when he was approximately six years of age.In a 2012 interview for the internet-based channel Network A, Sheckler revealed that the San Clemente skate park is the location where he began skateboarding with his best friend Jered Marburger and that he was present at the opening of the park.Many people have been saying he is dating Aly from Aly and AJ but that was about a year ago and he has moved on. He is now dating a gorgeous fake taned model named Melissa mikkelsen.

Ryan and Jana have been dating- but secretly, as there parents are no longer friends.

Ryan sheckler is not daiting anybody right now he broke up with his ex girlfriend Candice Miley Cyrus cousin!!!

but now he's with Selena batista Dave batista's daugther.

Team Lilly Foundation’s mission is to bring light to the reality of childhood cancer, while providing a hand to the families affected.“Congrats to Team Lilly Foundation on becoming our latest ‘Be the Change’ recipient! ” said Pro Skateboarder and Sheckler Foundation Co-Founder, Ryan Sheckler.

“Thank you to all of the finalists that participated and everyone who voted in our ‘Be the Change’ initiative.

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Sheckler then appeared in the second teaser for the inaugural full-length video, which was published online in February 2013.

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