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Romania dating  bucuresti women

There are a few real blondes here and there, and while most girls won't have the striking aesthetic pop of light hair and blue eyes, I don't have any complaints really.- For a capital city in a large sized european country, there aren't many foreigners at all.I literally had to stand around and wait for an opening, like when a girl goes for a drink by herself or to the restroom.Separating her from her gal pal group is nearly impossible when her social circle is entrenched in partying and socializing. In Poland, for instance, meeting a girl for a brief moment and getting her number is basically worthless since other guys will be able to deepen their rapport, so you'll easily be forgotten.- People seem to be touchy feely friendly in a way that's common to latin cultures.Yet at the same time they won't do much to help out a stranger.

Anyways, here goes: - Romanian girls look pretty good.

And most of theca clubs are conveniently centered in old town.

- I'm getting better looking prospects than I did in Poland.

Romania is as close as you can get to brunette paradise.

They have pretty faces and slim bodies, some are even tall.

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And even though they are eastern orthodox, it seems to have the same effect as what you see in Catholic countries.

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