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Rogers dating

“[Block] was championing me and my cartoons for decades, and managed to match two offers I had from other papers to keep me in Pittsburgh,” Rogers said.

Block did not respond to multiple requests for comment, but did tell the Washington Post in a statement: “This is an internal, personnel matter we are working hard to resolve.

We see little evidence today that Rogers’ mission to raise a generation on “love thy neighbor” empathy has succeeded, and no wonder – if television is an implacable foe, what would Fred Rogers — who allowed only two edits per show — make of the internet, which offers endless, algorithmic loops of rapid-fire You Tube stimuli designed to “systematically frighten, traumatise, and abuse children, automatically and at scale“?

The film ends with conservative media heat-seekers denouncing Rogers – a lifelong Republican — as “evil” for teaching that each child is “special.” But each child is special, Rogers believed, because each has been endowed with God’s love.

Rogers, who has seen his work killed at an increasing pace since Keith Burris took over as the newspaper’s editorial director in March, announced that he was taking a short vacation scheduled to last though Monday.

“Suffice it to say things are unresolved,” Rogers said in an interview with the Inquirer and Daily News. I’m waiting each day to hear something.” Rogers, a Philadelphia native who at one time contributed cartoons to the Inquirer, has been the Post-Gazette’s staff cartoonist since 1993.

His own kids called him “the Second Jesus.” emphasizes that Rogers never used the show to proselytize. He spoke eloquently to a nation of troubled kids, and to individual children (as we see here), who flourished under his respectful attention.

Yet the sacred nature of his mission was there in his work – talking sincerely and usefully to children about divorce, disability, death. It is a portrait not of grinding earnestness but of a penetrating sincerity, the kind that reduces the cynical, the skeptical, and the callous to tears – tears Rogers would routinely produce among adults when asking them, at commencement addresses, to stop and think for 10 seconds about someone who “loved them into being.” Emotions also arise from the possibility that society’s answer to the movie’s title question is no.

Kids in our neighborhood were both free range and down range. You actually see it in , which contains priceless, vintage TV footage of a commercial aimed at selling toy weapons to children – lever-action BB guns magically tumble forth from the console television, into the hands of ecstatic children who race off to shoot them.

“The editorial pages are a public forum, not a members-only private resort in Florida.” Rogers said the outpouring of support from readers has been overwhelming. But some of them have been c’d to me by the people writing the letters,” Rogers said.

Even Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, a frequent target in Rogers’ cartoons, offered his support in a statement on Twitter (while also pointing out he’s not particularly fond of how Rogers draws him). “You think you’re working in a bubble, and you don’t get to watch when someone opens the paper and enjoys the cartoon.

It has little to do with politics, ideology or Donald Trump.

It has mostly to do with working together and the editing process.” Block has been an outspoken supporter of Trump in recent years.

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After going a full week without seeing a single cartoon make it into the newspaper, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers got a cartoon about trade and the city’s steel industry out to readers Tuesday.