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Esther married in 2003, then 3 years later, I married as well…the process (of life) was very similar.

Therefore, this time, when we met up again, there was so much to talk about – for instance, we would talk a lot about our children and share some parenting tips with each other.

Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin recently proposed to his girlfriend, Kiki Ting on Facebook, on Nov 29 (Thursday). An hour after his initial post, Yoga posted a follow-up; a photo of him hugging Kiki.

The pair who started dating in 2014, a year after Yoga high-profile breakup with Ex G. The elated Yoga informed his fans about his successful proposal.

I feel that both “spiciness” and “bitterness” are easier to encounter at work.

18 Nov - TVB actor Vincent Wong has denied rumours saying that he has negotiated a cheap salary for his contract renewal in exchange for the chance to win TV King this year.

Roger – “Our collaboration is actually kind of interesting, as we haven’t been filming together continuously…after 5 years, then 10 years, we see each other again.

So that’s why I always do some self-reflection and sometimes will remind my wife that maybe it’s time to take a vacation again so we can both re-energize and find balance.

When sleeping, he would let out a “wheezing” noise – it scared us so much that we quickly took him to emergency…we were so worried.

SOUR: When I'm with family, sometimes there will be instances where “sourness” (jealousy) comes into play.

Earlier, when my son had to go to the emergency room, the physical and emotional toll, reminds of “salty” flavor…you just want it to end quickly and move on.

At the time, I would ask myself why he would get so sick (illness with his throat)?

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Prior to donating money, I would show my son the picture of the child I’m sponsoring and explain to him how the child doesn’t have water to drink – then I would ask him why don’t we donate some money?

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