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Related dating rudating 1756

The project was written for an English 391 class taught at Brigham Young University in 1998.

It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain any necessary copyright clearances. Phillips; FA 1; Collection of student folklore projects; L.

It is now believed that the twisting of the spire was caused by the lead that covers the spire.

The lead causes this twisting phenomenon, because when the sun shines during the day the south side of the tower heats up, causing the lead there to expand at a greater rate than that of the north side of the tower, resulting in unequal expansion and contraction.

The tower upon which the spire sits contains ten bells.

Volumes dating back to 1692 have been digitized and are available in two different locations.

Dates: 1998 Phillips collected jokelore from the deaf community.

Included are jokes about hearing aid batteries, hearing people pretending to be deaf to get benefits, and one of King Kong accidentally squishing his fiancée.

It comprises a nave, aisles, north and south transepts and the chancel which is surrounded by four guild chapels.

The north transept was rebuilt in 1769 and George Gilbert Scott carried out a restoration in 1843, when a new ceiling was installed and a new east window inserted with stained glass by William Wailes of Newcastle.

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