Rafael nadal dating bar refaeli

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Rafael nadal dating bar refaeli

Talking with Rafael Nadal, I once reached out and touched his arm.

This slight, impulsive gesture prompted two thoughts: that merely attain­ing such proximity to Rafa was enough to garner envy from women worldwide, and that his skin feels like satin.

Nadal's stunning duality was evident at the BNP Paribas Open in 2009 where, when he wasn't bludgeoning opponents, he was playing golf, sparking up his Play­Station, soaking in a Jacuzzi, or gobbling the commissary's chocolate-chip ­cookies.

He looked amused when a reporter ­insisted that cookies weren't good for an ­athlete to ­ingest.

pic.twitter.com/QScg Ihn PJK Very sorry to announce this withdrawal but I have to take some rest according to my doctor after q long clay court season.

Nadal's overwhelming appeal is no doubt what led Colombia's global pop ­siren Shakira to conceive last year's ­"Gypsy" video, a sepia-toned foray into raging heat in which Nadal appears both opposite ­Shakira and, more significantly, on top of her.

In the past, Nadal has described himself as "a simple boy." He's become a simple young man or, more accurately, many ­simple young men: the unyielding conten­der who lives with his mother; the inter­national heartthrob who's dated the same lovely hometown girl since he was 19; the dashing multimillionaire who owns an ­Aston Martin but doesn't like to drive fast; the hard-nosed athlete who weeps at ­movies; the sports star paid millions to wear the Nike brand who was ­spotted, days before he won the gold ­medal at the Beijing Olympics, doing his own laundry in the athletes' village.

As fierce as Nadal is on the court, off it he is equally empathetic and sentimental.

Refaeli tells the magazine in its issue, on stands May 29, that she was "shocked that among all of these beautiful ladies, I'm number one."Someone must have told Bar Refaeli that Esquire thinks Minka Kelly is the Sexiest Woman Alive. Because the model has come out firing on all gorgeous cylinders in a new campaign for Passionata’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection.

Jewish extremists are urging supermodel Bar Refaeli not to marry her Leonardo Di Caprio because it would dilute the Jewish race, according to media reports.

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Even when he's losing, he never gives up, and it's thrilling to watch him ­hunker down, drawing on his relish for battle and his monumental force of will.

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