Pros cons dating programmer

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Pros cons dating programmer

People don’t respond directly to your input, but indirectly, to praise, and to a sense of accomplishment and belonging that you must provide. Although people are susceptible to reward and punishment, managing them through this means is not very effective. So you have to ask yourself, which kind of interaction do you prize, the certainty and inner beauty of code, or the camaraderie and leadership of people. San Francisco developer community, Koding and San Diego-based comic artist Pablo Stanley have created a comic that highlights the pros and cons of going out with a programmer.Just make up your mind to be the side chick in the relationship, because once you start dating, you’re dating him and his laptop.Not everybody is suited (ouch, pun) to be a manager. Code can be a harsh taskmaster, requiring great attention to detail and a degree of mental formality that is hard to sustain.

Own erstwhile by Outsourcing Great Systems Stockpile this time so much. Code never has good days and bad days, but only the days you bring to your interaction with it.You don’t tell people what to do, you influence them so that they want to do what you need. Today I was exploring the web to find something cool and funny related to programmer.Suddenly I found a comic that perfectly shows the good (pros) and bad (cons) parts of dating a programmer in funny way.

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