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Pros and cons of consolidating federal loans

By extending the term of student loan repayment, or selecting an individual payment plan that matches income levels and ability to pay, borrowers who participate in the Consolidation Program sometimes have lower monthly payments on the new loans.It should be noted, however, that extending repayment terms also adds more total interest to the loan, over its entire lifetime.

The good news for college students, and graduates carrying multiple individual student loans, is that the Department of Education operates an established program allowing more than one loan to be bundled together under a single, renegotiated repayment contract.

“The company will then use this money to attempt to negotiate with creditors to reduce the amount of principal you pay off.” If you’re considering this option, try to speak with a nonprofit credit counselor first because debt settlement can put your credit in jeopardy.

(You can learn more about choosing a credit counselor here.) If you don’t pay your debt, creditors could hire debt collection agencies, which could lead to a lawsuit, the CFPB says.

If your Perkins Loans already carry low rates, it may not benefit you to consolidate.

Another consolidation benefit realized by students having difficulty keeping up with student loan payments, is restructured repayment.

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Loan Consolidation applies to outstanding federal debt, whether Perkins, Stafford or Federal Direct Loans.

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